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Safety Instruction

  • You must wear helmets and protective body gear when riding.
  • Riding the E-scooter on roads and crowded residence communities is Forbidden. Carrying Children or other people while riding the scooter is prohibited. You should not try to ride down stairs or escalators. Keep the speed low (3-10 km/h) or stop when encountering any obstacle.
  • The scooter is more a sport entertainment tool than a vehicle. However, when you ride it into a public area, it has a vehicle attribute, therefore it also has safety risk. Riding according to the usage manual will protect yours and other's safety.
  • Things you should understand: Once driving into public roads or public areas, you might face several obstacles such as improper operations of other people or vehicles. This can happen even if you ride the right way, just as accidents happen every time. As all vehicles, the higher the riding speed is, the longer the braking distance will be. Note that emergency braking on smooth surfaces may result in losing balance. Therefore, you need to stay focus while riding, make sure you always ride at the proper speed and keeping rational safety distance with other people and vehicles. Keep alert and control the speed when you ride on unfamiliar terrain.
  • Please comply with the traffic regulation while riding. Do not scare pedestrians, especially kids. Decelerate when encountering with pedestrians. Move to the pedestrian's left side if possible. Always decelerate when seeing pedestrians.
  • While riding in countries and areas without national standard and rules related with scooters, you must abide strictly by usage manual's safety requirements. 
  • To avoid accidents, please do not let people use the scooter, if they don't know how to ride. In the event you let a friend use it, do not forget to remind him/her to wear helmets and protective body gear.
  • Always check the scooter before start riding. In the event you find any abnormal conditions, please stop using immediately and contact our customer service to get professional product maintenance and service.

Driving Safety 

When riding the scooter, you risk serious injury from loss of control, collisions, and failure. It is your responsibility to learn how to safety ride the scooter in order to reduce this risk. To ride safely you must follow all instructions in the user material, including the user manual.

  • Always wear proper attire when using the scooter, do not wear loose clothing that can catch in the tires and prevent proper steering.
  • Never place anything on the foot mats except your feet.
  • Avoid obstacles and surfaces that could result in a loss of balance or traction and cause a fall.
  • Use caution when riding over any terrain change such as pavement to sand, grass or speed bumps.
  • Avoid riding across steep slopes, Maintain both tires in contact with the ground.
  • Avoid holes, curbs, steps and other obstacles.
  • Avoid riding over any surface where the bottom of the scooter may impact any object.
  • When using in sidewalk, make sure that on wheel does not drop off the curb.
  • Use caution when riding in new environments.
  • Make sure you leave enough wheel clearance.
  • Be careful and considerate of others while riding.
  • Always ride under control at a speed that is safe for you and those around you.
  • Always be prepared to stop.
  • Respect pedestrians by always yielding the right of way.
  • Avoiding startling pedestrians, when approaching from behind, announce yourself and slow down to walking speed when passing, Pass on the left whenever possible. When Approaching a pedestrian from the front, stay to the right and slow down.
  • In heavy pedestrian traffic conditions, slow down and proceed at the pace of pedestrian traffic. Pass only if there is ample space to do so safely. Do not weave in and out of pedestrian traffic.
  • When riding with other Scooter riders, maintain a safe distance, identify hazards and obstacles, and do not ride side-by-side unless there is plenty of room left for pedestrians.
  • Cross roads at designated crosswalks or signaled intersections. Do not jaywalk/ride.
  • Only travel on a road when a pedestrian way is not available or when sidewalk use is not allowed. Do not ride your scooter on private property (inside or outside) unless you have obtained permission to do so.
  • Learn about and obey applicable local laws and regulations.
  • Inspect your scooter before riding.
  • Do not allow any person to use your scooter unless that person has carefully read this Manual.
  • Use caution on slopes, use caution when ascending, descending, or crossing slopes. When riding up any slope, lean uphill to maintain balance
  • Always turn slowly and with caution, Fast turns can lead to loss of control and fails.
  • No passengers. The scooter is designed for one rider, do not ride double or carry any passengers. Do not carry a child in your arms or in a child carrier while riding. Expectant mothers should not ride the scooter.
  • Do not exceed the maximum weight limit (rider and all cargo) specified in this Manual. If you exceed the maximum weight limit, you are at greater risk of failing and injury. Also, the rider's weight must not be less than the minimum rider weight limit specified in this manual.
  • Do not step off the scooter while moving Always come to a stop before stepping off.
  • Be alert. As with any other transportation device, you must be mentally alert to safely ride.
  • Do not attempt to ride if you are ill or if you cannot comply fully with the instructions and warnings in this manual. Do not ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Avoid distractions. Do not use a mobile phone or engage in any other activity that might distract you or interfere with your ability to monitor your surroundings while riding.
  • When riding, keep both feet on the foot mat. 
  • Riding on the road. The scooter is not intended or recommended for primary use on roads. If you must ride on the road, or must cross the road, be extremely careful. Ride as far away from traffic as possible. Check to make sure that riding on the road is allowed by local law.

Daily Maintenance

Storage and Cleaning 

If stains happen on the surface of vehicles, it should be wiped with a soft wet cloth. If there is stubborn stains, you can wipe firstly with a soft cloth, then dean with a wet cloth.
Reminder: Don't clean with alcohol, gas, kerosene and other corrosive and chemical solvent, or it will badly damage appearance and internal structure of the scooter, spray washing by pressure water guns is forbidden. Please keep the scooter switched off, unplug the charging cable, otherwise, you may get an electric shock or it may result with serious problems to the vehicles because of flooding water.
Keep the scooter in a dry and cool room when you don't use it, try to avoid leave it outside for a long time. Sunlight exposure / overheating / undercooling will accelerate the aging of appearance and reduce the batteries' life time.

Maintenance of Batteries

Please don't leave batteries in environment over 50'C or under 20'C(for example, please don't leave batteries in car, exposed to the sunlight). Never set batteries on fire, otherwise it may cause risk of batteries invalidation or overheating. Please check batteries nameplate under the vehicles to know more about other kind of maintenance.
Avoid charging after power consistently drained. Charging batteries often and using the scooter at normal temperatures can extend batteries life.
Reminder: A fully charged scooter will run out of stored power after 90-120 days in standby mode. In case it is not fully charged, it will run out of power after 20-50 days in standby mode. Not charging batteries for long time may cause unrecoverable damage due to excessive discharge.