Why Hoverboards are better than Other Mobility Vehicles

Looking to get a hoverboard that is safe for kids and adults? Turnz Inc offers electric hoverboards with built-in Bluetooth speakers.

Why Hoverboards are better than Other Mobility Vehicles

Looking to get a hoverboard that is safe for kids and adults? Turnz Inc offers electric hoverboards with built-in Bluetooth speakers. Why Hoverboards are better than Other Mobility Vehicles Why Hoverboards are better than Other Mobility Vehicles

The popularity of Hoverboards seems to be rising every year. When they have introduced a few years ago, they were marred by a lot of safety concerns, especially their propensity to start accidental home fires. But with time, a lot of improvement has been done to address these and other concerns that might have discouraged people from using them. Currently, they are increasingly becoming the preferred form of personal transportation and people can be seen enjoying using them in virtually all the places – from campus grounds to parking lots of malls, the regular streets to estate roads. This is nothing but a subtle indication of how well people have come to accept this relatively new mode of personal transportation and the increasing confidence that users continue to have in them. Below is a brief look at some of the specific reasons why the use of Hoverboards is on the rise, and why they are considered to be generally better than other types of mobility vehicles.

They can be used by anyone

When cool Hoverboard scooters first hit the scenes of persona transportation, they were primarily viewed as toys for kids who wanted to have looked cool and have more fun. However, this is no longer the perception at the moment. Hoverboards are currently used by people of all ages and they very much love the experience. Whether it is a child having fun at home, or a student trying to escape the city traffic, everyone has the freedom to enjoy the convenience that comes with the Hoverboards. This is not the case with other forms of mobility vehicles which are not popular enough among the populace, and using them is fairly complicated compared to using Hoverboards.

They are easy to ride

If you are looking for a mobility vehicle that is easy to use, and which you can jump onto after just a few minutes of purchasing, then you won’t find a better one than a hoverboard. As a device, Hoverboards are easy to ride for persons of all ages. You don’t need any special training to get going with the boards. All you have to do is master your balance once you get on it, and then it will do the rest in taking you to your desired destination. You just have to be mindful of other road users since the last thing you want is to get an accident when on top of the boards. Also, that it can be used by persons of all ages doesn’t imply that everybody should use them. For example, it may not be the ideal means of transportation for the very old that might already be having mobility issues.

You don’t need a license to use them

Other types of urban mobility vehicles will require you to have a license before you can operate them on the roads with other road users. With the license requirements, so many people are normally locked out from using such vehicles because not everyone may be in a position to conform to the licensing requirements. However, this is never the case with Hoverboards. No license is needed to own or operate them. Once you take care of the safety concerns, you can quickly jump on the hoverboard and get going. In fact, in most places, kids are allowed to ride them without the help or the supervision of their parents or guardians. This may not always be the case with other forms of mobility vehicles.

They are affordable

Floating Hoverboards are not only affordable to purchase, but also you don’t require a lot of money to maintain them in great working condition. In fact, the most expensive maintenance feature you may encounter is when you need to replace the batteries. However, this is not going to be immediately after you purchase it. Once you make the initial purchase, it will pretty much be maintenance-free for a very long time. This, however, can’t be said about other forms of personal transportation which may not only come with a huge initial purchase price tag but also will require regular maintenance.

Hoverboards are portable and easy to store

The storage space requirements for Hoverboards are relatively lower compared to the storage requirements for other modes of personal transportation such as e-scooters. All you need is a well-ventilated area and you will be good to go as far as storing them is concerned. In addition to being minimal on the storage requirements, Hoverboards are also very portable. Unlike the e-scooters which are heavy and bulky, Hoverboards weigh less, and they have easy-to-use bags that you can simply and quickly toss on your back when you don’t feel like using them.

Hoverboards are constructed with better technology

The proper use of other mobility vehicles such as skateboards and e-scooters mainly depends on the skills of the rider, especially their ability to stand steadily on the boards and keep a great balance during motion. Hoverboards, on the other hand, are designed with intelligent technologies featuring lots of sensors to help grant the rider the best possible experience. Whether it is controlling the direction of the motion, increasing the speed, slowing down, changing direction, or maintaining a proper balance, users of Hoverboards usually have the technology to back them up. As such, the experience is smoother, safer, and more enjoyable compared to other mobility vehicles.

Hoverboards are relatively safer

Other mobility vehicles such as e-scooters and e-skateboards also have a relatively good degree of safety, but Hoverboards also come with enviable safety features. It is a platform on wheels and equipped with the ability to balance itself, it has sensors for movement, speed, and balance, and the footpads also come with great control and a good grip to minimize the instances of slips and fall. All these make it safer for use, and if you maintain proper road discipline, you shouldn’t worry about any mishaps when using this mode of transportation on the roads. So whether you are looking for a smart self-balancing hoverboard for kids, or for adults get your hoverboard from Turnz.

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