About Us

Because we believe in
health, fitness and fun—
all turning at the same time!

We welcome wholesome outdoor fun and are committed to provide you with outdoor sports equipment that is constructed with sturdy, safe components.  At Turnz, we support healthy outdoor entertainment because we believe it is good for you. To us, your satisfaction is everything.  Outdoor fun on wheels creates an energetic venue for all ages, encouraging exercise—so beneficial to your fitness and health!

Your quality of life will be enhanced by movement and fun in the great outdoors.  There’s nothing like family enjoying riding in the park together!!

To enhance your ride, we go to great lengths to evaluate the quality of our materials and maintain high safety standards. Our factory retains rigid guidelines so that you can be confident with a high end cycle on the road.


Enjoy exercise and create fond family fun as you go!

Since we are passionate about positive and productive entertainment that are good for your health and well-being, we offer you a great riding experience! Combat today’s couch potato attitude with top-of-the-line riding equipment. Increase focusing skills, heartbeat and togetherness as you enjoy exercise and create fond family fun as you go! That is Turnz’ goal and mission.


High-quality product with superior workmanship!

When you purchase our products, feel gratified to know that our products are competitively priced. When you order our products, you’ll benefit from a high-quality product with superior workmanship. We do extensive research to learn about the sturdiest components available and sell them at an affordable price. With Turnz, you get value for less!

Our Promise

From quality components to safety features, we are committed to provide quality scooters and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Turnz’ goal is to create fun products for outdoor activities that are beneficial, fun and safe. We strive to keep every single customer happy, every step of the way. We love to hear your feedback!